What is Reclaimed Fashion?

Reclaimed Fashion is an online store that sells high-end used clothing and accessories for women, men, and children. It is a fun and adventurous shopping experience for all kinds of online shoppers and thrifters.

Do Goodwill discounts apply? Why can't I use my coupon?

No. Unfortunately, no Goodwill coupons are valid for Reclaimed Fashion purchases. Sign up here for Reclaimed Fashion’s newsletter to receive special discounts and promotions.

Is my Goodwill gift card good on this site?

No. Unfortunately store gift cards cannot be used at ReclaimedFashion.com and can only be used in Goodwill stores. 

Looking for your Goodwill gift card balance? Click here. 

Who owns and operates Reclaimed Fashion?

Reclaimed Fashion is an e-commerce platform powered by Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona (“GCNA”), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to ending poverty through the power of work. When you shop at Reclaimed Fashion, you can feel good knowing that your purchases will support GCNA’s mission and community service programs.

What is the purpose of Reclaimed Fashion? Isn’t it like any other online thrift store?

Reclaimed Fashion is about more than wearing; it’s about caring and putting the “good” back in used goods. At Reclaimed Fashion, we advocate for circular fashion through resale, giving new life to used goods.

Reclaimed Fashion is different from other online thrift stores because, not only does the community give new life to used goods; but, together, we can create new opportunities for individuals to build their way out of poverty. Learn more here.

Why should I shop at Reclaimed Fashion? Why not Goodwill or other stores?

We know thrifters love to find a bargain. Whether you prefer to find your treasures at Goodwill stores or online at Reclaimed Fashion, Reclaimed Fashion gives everyone an opportunity to find unique used, high-end goods.

How is Reclaimed Fashion any different from ShopGoodwill.com?

Great question! ShopGoodwill.com is an e-commerce auction site that lists and auctions high-end items such as art, antiques, collectibles, apparel, jewelry, electronics, and more. While ShopGoodwill.com is a combination of items listed online for sale by Goodwills across the nation and administered by Goodwill of Orange County, Reclaimed Fashion is solely operated by Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona. Reclaimed Fashion is an online thrift store that showcases unique clothing and accessories that Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona shoppers may have missed in the stores. We don’t auction items! Reclaimed Fashion is for all shoppers and thrifters across the nation!

Will GCNA items still be sold on ShopGoodwill.com?

GCNA online sales via ShopGoodwill will remain in place. Reclaimed Fashion offers a unique alternative shopping experience.

How does Reclaimed Fashion acquire and sell donated goods?

Items not sold in our stores or processed at Goodwill's Retail Operations Center are sorted for sale either online or in our Clearance Center.

Is there a loyalty program for Reclaimed Fashion?

Currently, there is not a loyalty program, but there may be one in the future! Stay connected on Reclaimed Fashion’s social media and subscribe to the newsletter here for updates.

Does Reclaimed Fashion sell furniture, electronics, or other household items?

Reclaimed Fashion only sells used clothes and clothing accessories, such as jewelry and bags.

Does Reclaimed Fashion deliver?

Yes. Find more information on shipping and our return policy, here.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is dependent on delivery address and is displayed in the final stages of checkout.

Where does my money go when I purchase from Reclaimed Fashion?

Reclaimed Fashion is powered by Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona and every purchase goes directly to GCNA’s mission to help end poverty through the power of work.

Can I make a monetary donation to Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona’s mission services through ReclaimedFashion.com?

Of course! Monetary donations can be made at check out. To make a donation outside of a purchase to support GCNA’s mission services, please visit here.

Can I donate or sell my personal items on ReclaimedFashion.com?

Donations can be conveniently made to a Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona donation center. Locations can be found here. All donations will be processed in accordance with GCNA’s donation processing guidelines.